Marc Nelson Denim is easily one of Knoxville’s best jewels. Marc and his staff provide a first-class experience that is sure to meet your wardrobe needs. I was in need of some tweaks and upgrades to align my overall brand and image with my maturing professional journey. I’m a firm believer that your image should match your desired outcomes. 
During the initial appointment, Marc reviewed my current wardrobe. He worked to understand what I liked, why I liked it, and what I hoped to gain from a new wardrobe. I appreciated that he quickly honed in on my specific needs. As an entrepreneur and family man who’s trying to maintain a sense of balance, a FUNCTIONAL stylish look is imperative. He prioritized my need to go from blazer dapper to tee-ball practice-ready quickly.  He took my measurements and created a file prioritizing my must-haves. He also took my budget into consideration and took the liberty of starting a wish list for items to keep an eye out for (as a father of 4, braces, gymnastics, etc.  and dad’s wardrobe doesn’t always line up). Knowing I have someone out there keeping an eye out for those finishing touches that might otherwise slip through the cracks was especially comforting. I think that speaks to Marc’s uncanny attention to detail. I even got a quick lesson on the importance of “nice hangers” for “nice clothes” to assist me in my transition to the next phase of business and life. My next appointment was the fun part. Marc and I went through the blazers and sport coats that I already owned to make alterations where possible. This saved me a few bucks and made several coats that were just “meh” look amazing. The difference was night and day. It's unreal how many new compliments I'm getting from the same old items. Then, the shopping experience was a breeze. 
Marc was quick at finding garments that fit my style, personality, and lifestyle, including a “New Blue” suit that I subsequently used for headshots. I was very pleased with my experience with Marc Nelson Denim and would highly recommend them to anyone who feels they need a little assistance in spicing up their wardrobe. They’ll help you bring out your best to give you that edge of confidence that you need to be ready for life’s opportunities. 

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