What do you get when you mix a passion for denim, pride in American heritage, and a love for one’s community?

Marc Nelson Denim.

Fashionable Beginnings

From an early age, Marcus Hall, founder and designer of MND, knew his American dream was to be a fashion designer. This Knoxville, Tennessee native had a fashionable start in high school where he won the title “best dressed” as a senior. He wanted to continue this passion once he graduated high school by obtaining a fashion merchandising degree. However, his dream of fashion could not be made a tangible reality at that point in his life and he had to pursue other potential career paths. Thus, without the proper resources, he decided to attend cosmetology school instead.  After owning a salon for thirteen years, he moved to Los Angeles where he pursued acting for two years.

A Dream Determined

Despite his pursuit of other business ventures over the years, his heart still belonged to the idea of being a fashion designer and starting his own clothing line. His dream became reality in 2010 when Marcus had a “now or never” moment and realized that it was time.  It was time to pursue his passion and create a denim line that would encompass American-made quality with unique character and affordability. Thus, Marc Nelson Denim was born.

Just as unique as his company, the reasons why Marcus started with a denim line go beyond just the scope of fashion. He drew much inspiration from the plight of his friends and family who had worked at the Levi Strauss denim factory in Knoxville, Tennessee until it was closed. Inspired by the major effect that this loss of jobs had on his community, Marcus had the admirable idea to start his own denim line in hopes of helping his community through creating jobs. It just doesn’t get more American than using a lifelong passion with the one’s community in mind!

Westward Bound

In pursuit of starting his denim line, he headed west like many American pioneers before him. Los Angeles was a great place to start pursuing his dream as the city abounds with resources for creating denim. An initial roadblock was finding a cut and sew factory that would meet his minimum. However after interviewing different factories, he found HCD Denim that agreed to his desired minimums. With the production of the first 214 pairs of denim of each style and cut, a L.A. photo shoot of his line and the establishment of e-commerce, a new and unique brand of men’s clothing was created.

The American originality that is Marc Nelson Denim goes beyond the signature red cross-stitch and pin tuck on the back pocket found on every pair of denim - it is a brand that is dedicated to making high-quality American products while at the same time giving back to the community.

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