Curtis Maggitt's Playbook: Blending Athletic Comfort with Corporate Style

Curtis Maggitt's Playbook: Blending Athletic Comfort with Corporate Style

Curtis Maggitt, a former NFL and Canadian football player, now thrives as an everyday athlete and corporate professional. But when it comes to personal style, navigating the shopping experience can be a struggle. Like many men, Curtis finds it time-consuming and frustrating to find clothes that fit well and express his personality.

This is where MN Society steps in, as Curtis explains. "It solves my problem when it comes to getting the appropriate gear right," he says. The subscription service solves two major pain points for him: finding clothes that fit and discovering styles he actually enjoys. Image Society takes the guesswork out of shopping by curating personalized boxes based on individual preferences and measurements.

"The biggest problem I see is clothes don't fit right," Curtis laments. He often encounters items that fit his waist but are too short, or vice versa. MN Society eliminates this problem with its meticulous approach. "They take your measurements and so they send your box and your subscription to you altered," explains Marcus Hall. "So, like you said, your waist is going to be smaller but they've got to put you in maybe a 34 to fit your butt and your legs." This ensures a perfect fit, just like custom-made garments.

"When you look good," Curtis says, "you feel good." By providing well-fitting and stylish apparel, Image Society empowers individuals to feel confident and "put their best foot forward."

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