Our Story

The story of Marc Nelson Denim starts with “What goes into making a pair of jeans?”

The easiest answer would be a few yards of denim, thread, rivets, buttons, and a zipper. However, Marc Nelson Denim knows better than that. We understand that there is more to “just a pair of jeans,” and that the answer to the question is not so simple. 

Marc Nelson Denim is a small-batch craft denim brand centered on the experience of each customer who wears our denim.

We size, mark, cut and sew each pair to achieve modern-day rarities of ideal fit and the handmade craft. With a love for the rare, each batch is limited and uniquely its own. We create no more than 214 of each specific style to ensure customers receive a truly exclusive product.

Marc Nelson Denim was founded by Marcus Hall, who grew up near the old Levi’s factory on Cherry Street in Knoxville, TN, where his family and friends were once employed. Denim has long been a fabric that not only helped shaped his life, but also the lives of those around him.

With a desire to restore jobs lost in the off-shoring of the American Denim industry, Hall and the MND team has a vision for instilling the same sense of pride Knoxville once felt. 
Denim is not only this country’s pant of choice, it is the very fabric of America. Our mission is to celebrate the eclectic heritage of denim and the craftsmen who came before us.

Marc Nelson Denim embraces the one-of-a-kind, the rugged, and the craft of creating dependable high-end pieces that become lifelong staples in closets across America.

The answer to the original question is not about reinventing the wheel, but embracing the revered tradition and becoming a part of it, carving a place out for ourselves within the indigo hued story.